Botox is a egsotoxin that made from a toxin produced by the Bacterium Clostridum botulinum.It temprorarily stops the movements of the muscle by blocking message between nerve and muscle..

It is injected into the specific muscles with micro needles.

Botox is effective for dynamic wrinkles. Wrinkle begins with dynamic wrinkles. (the wrinkle with muscle and facial movement)

Botox is used to reduce the lines that occur as a result of repetetive facial movements smiling, frowning, squinting). Over the time, these dynamic wrinkles are started to be seen as resting on fine wrinkles. (static wrinkle)

It stops the starting of the line formation and progression before becoming static wrinkles.

After becoming static wrinkles, it should be supported with dermal fillers because botox will not be sufficient.


Horizontal lines on the FOREHEAD, the FROWNING LINE, the sides of the eyes called CROW’S FEET, lines on the nose ( BUNNY LINES) and lines above the lip (SMOKING LINES) vertical lines in neck with age advance (PLATIZMAL BANT) are the places where are used the most.

What’s more,


are the other places used for the cosmetic purposes.

Botox softens the angry look on the face and makes the facial expression peaceful and enlightened.

The effect of botox begins within 2-10 days. Maximum impact is seen at the end of 2 weeks.The effect from Botox will last 3-6 months.


Masseter muscle is one of the chewing muscles and is very strong. The excessive development of the mastication attached to the teeth of excessive tightening, teeth grinding is a problem. It may occur that called Bruxism.

Jaw and facial pain, the fractures in the teeth can be treated with Botox to Masseter muscles of the external damage on this table. Botox relaxes this muscle and thus muscular force applied to the jaw is reduced.

Also, due to excessive development of Masseter muscle, a square-shaped face regains V SHAPE image with volume reduction and easing of the muscle.


During the laughter, the gum is to look more than normal. This problem will be solved the muscle pulling the upper lip upwards is loosened.


Migraine pain is usually on the side of the head, watching in the wings, in the style of throbbing, light, sound, head movements and increases with physical activity . It is a kind of severe pain by nausea and vomiting.

It affects the quality of people life. In recent years, Botox is a new option for chronic migraine patients.


Primer Hyperhidrosis is usually seen as limited in a local area of the body. There is no specific underlying reason. Underarms, palms, soles of your feet are the most common places where have the density of ecrine sweat glands.

Botulinum toxin to be injected into the skin is one of the most effective way in sweating treatment.

Inhibition of cholinergic sympathetic nerve fibers with Botulinum toxin is effective in treating by reducing and preventing excessive sweating.

In the region of the armpit area is the most satisfactory treatment.