Spider Web Aestethic

It is a method that aims the elimination of the deformation of skin, wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

The ropes used in surgical procedures are completely soluable PDO (polydioxanone) in the body is placed under the skin.

It is called ‘ Spider Web Aesthetic’ the ropes to be placed under the skin as a spider web.

The ropes placed under the skin on the one hand, when creating the underlying tissues, they are also started collagen and other connective tissue elements by stimulating skin rejuvenation and regenaration process.

As these ropes melt the within 6 months, skin tightening and wrinkles reduction in recovery are observed thanks to increasing collagen. Optimum effect is seen within 1-2 months.

Although mildly painful process varies from person to person, the process will become more painless by applying a local anaesthetic cream before 30 minutes.

After applying, redness, swelling and discolaration can be seen on the skin.