Frequently Asked Questions

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Which part of the body, could laser epilation be applied?

On the condition that protecting eyes from the direct beam with special goggles, it can be applied to hair on all body parts. It cannot be applied only around eye contours and inside ears.

Is laser epilation effective on light-color hair?

If the hair is very light coloured which means its melanin pigment is almost none, it won’t respond to the treatment as it cannot hold the lazer beam. This means, the effect of the application decreases as the hair colour gets lighter.

Does the thickness of hair have any importance on laser epilation?

Thickness of the hair is of utmost importance on the effectiveness of the treatment in laser depilation. Thick hair absorbs the beam within the shooting process in a much faster way. In general, The darker the colour of the hair is, the more efficient the treatment is.

Is treatment painful?

Only the striking of the cooling gas and the laser beam onto your skin makes a rubber band striking like feeling.

Is it possible to get rid of all the hair within one session?

No it is not possible. Because not all the hair roots on the area are at the same growing stage. During the application, only the anagen (in the ripe phase) hair roots get affected not the hair roots on the katogen and telogen phase. For these, other sessions are necessary. Due to the difference between the colour of the hair and its growing stage, sessions may vary from person to person or even from the different body parts of the same person.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

Session frequency differs from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area of application.

Does it have a cancerous effect?

Not any mutagen effect of the devices used in laser epilation detected.

Is Botox, snake poison?

No. It is a toxin obtained from a bacteria called Clostridium Botilinum.

Is Botox used as a filling on lips and face?

No. No. For face filling, filling substances are preferred.

Is the filling treatment painful?

A little bit of pain is felt which can easily be tolerated by the application of local anesthetic substances.

What are the side effects of filling treatment?

Redness, rarely swollen condition and purpleness may occur on the application area.